Wind and Solar/Renewable Energy

Wind, Solar and Renewable Energy Attorneys

Simmerman Law’s attorneys are here to advise landowners, stakeholders and investors on how they can maximize value from properties through solar system and wind energy development, and other alternative energy sources, in West Virginia – while protecting their existing and future property rights.

Our attorneys understand the specific issues which determine a property’s viability for a solar or wind energy project, including the size of the property, its proximity to transmission lines and substations/power grid access, wetlands requirements, permit status, environmental concerns, endangered species protections and land-use and planning regulations and concerns.

Our firm has extensive experience working on legal issues and working with landowners to accommodate existing and proposed land usage for large-tract landowners and our attorneys frequently work with large-tract landowners and land holding companies to maximize value and efficiency in the renewable energy sector – with particular emphasis given to asset maximization and asset/use protection related to existing and future property uses.

Simmerman Law works with clients on leasing, contracting, development, construction and the sale of property for both solar and wind operations by, for example, working with landowners to obtain satisfactory lease terms and performing other transactional and due diligence services – from the perspective of the landowner.  In addition to the development of land dedicated for site use, our team offers guidance on controlling and organizing the infrastructure for development from the landowner viewpoint, including the negotiation of easements (both temporary and permanent), rights-of-way, road use agreements and other surface use agreements necessary for development.