Motor Vehicle Accidents

West Virginia Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys

We have a long and well proven track record in West Virginia of successfully prosecuting claims on behalf of catastrophically injured individuals and families in the context of motor vehicle collisions – ranging from seven figure distracted driving recoveries to rear end collisions involving complex spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and substantial skeletal and muscle injuries.

  • Trucking Injuries
  • Tractor Trailer Collisions
  • Distracted Driving
  • Driving Under the Influence Injuries
  • Drunk Driving Litigation
  • Dram Shop Liability
  • Motorcycle Injuries
  • Pedestrian Injuries
  • Underinsured Automobile Insurance Litigation
  • Uninsured Automobile Insurance Litigation

We also have a long and successful track record of litigating and pursuing insurance coverage issues for insureds in the context of motor vehicle collisions and injuries. Put bluntly, if your motor vehicle insurer has denied coverage, for example for underinsured coverage, we have the experience to hold your insurer accountable – while successfully pursuing compensation associated with your injuries from the underlying motor vehicle collision.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a motor vehicle or tractor trailer collision, we would welcome the chance to speak with you about your claim.