Oil and Gas Litigation & Negotiation

West Virginia Oil and Gas Litigation & Negotiation Attorneys

We have dealt with nearly all aspects of the oil and natural gas business for years across West Virginia. 

  • Mineral Trespass
  • Surface Trespass
  • Pipeline Rights Litigation
  • Pipeline Negotiation
  • Surface Use Litigation
  • Surface Use Negotiation
  • Mineral Lease Litigation
  • Mineral Lease Negotiation
  • Mineral Theft & Conversion Claims
  • Mineral Royalty Disputes
  • Mineral Title & Ownership Disputes
  • Right of Way & Easement Litigation
  • Earthquakes Caused by Oil & Gas Operations
  • Property Damage/Contamination Cases
  • Firm & Interruptible Transportation Disputes/Negotiation

Our clients have included traditional landowners, surface owners, royalty owners, overriding royalty owners, working interest owners, joint venturers, mineral owners, non-participating royalty owners, pipeline companies, independent operators, exploration companies, midstream companies, and oil field service providers.

We also provide general counsel to select oil field service companies and oil and gas exploration companies in West Virginia, counseling them on the legal issues that arise in their course of daily operations, from contractual issues to complex gas transportation issues and disputes.

Further, we have substantial experience in oil and gas lease review and negotiation areas, having reviewed and negotiated matters concerning thousands of mineral and surface acres across throughout West Virginia – including a substantial practice dedicated to ensuring that West Virginia surface and property owners obtain meaningful and fair compensation for surface right uses, such as well pad sites, gathering facilities, pipeline installation and construction, and access road uses.

In all matters, we bring our combination of creative problem solving, trial experience, courtroom presence and professional integrity to bear on behalf of our clients.

To find out more about how we can assist you with legal problems and issues facing you in the oil and gas setting, call or e-mail us for a free consultation.