Business Interruption Claims

Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Basic business interruption coverage covers the loss of normal income and continuing business expenses which result from damage to a business from an insured risk. 

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To expand, if a building is destroyed by fire and the business’s operations are interrupted, an insurer may be obligated to pay the estimated reduction in profit and continuing expenses such as certain salaries, interest on borrowing, and basic utilities during the time reasonably necessary to restore the insured business to its pre-loss condition – a period commonly known as the period of restoration.   

Alternatively, contingent business interruption coverage generally covers damages that arise indirectly from damage to some other business (for example, a major supplier, customer or business that attracts customers to the insured). For example, a small retailer in a shopping plaza may use contingent business interruption coverage to reduce/transfer risk in the event a lead retailer’s business is damaged or shut down, thereby reducing the influx of customers to the small retailer.

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In many instances, we have been able to assist clients in obtaining insurance recoveries without resorting to litigation. When necessary, we have litigated coverage and bad faith cases to conclusion. The breadth and depth of our experience in this area, and our long record of success, places us among the leading policyholder/insured litigation firms in West Virginia.

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